At bluefysh we are driven by the b.l.u.e.f.y.s.h. tenets:

balance: in our perspective to life and work, the interplay and balance between a whole mind, spirit, and body, produce deep creative revitalization

life-long learning: we are constantly researching markets, industries, and consumer behaviour, because in a constantly changing world the learning never stops

understanding: we take the time to understand our clients unique needs, in-depth

exhilaration: putting passion into everything we do, we are constantly pursuing the exhilaration that comes from timely and seamless delivery of a job excellently done

fairness: we aim to be fair in all our dealings, always operating with a win-win mindset

y & you: we are always laser focused on you, our client. You know your business best, and we exist only to help you get your message across. Through a constant use of the question ‘y’ (why?), we are reminded of our raison d’etre, and make continuous enhancements to our services to get you your outcomes

subtlety & simplicity: while we wade through a lot of complexity en-route to simplicity, we believe that in the long run, what is subtle and simple is most often more powerful than what is loud and complex

hope: in the end, we hope that all we do, contributes in some way towards creating a better world and a better tomorrow