bluefysh, is inspired by, and named after, the bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix), a fast marine fish often used as live bait by deep-sea fishermen to catch large offshore game fish like sharks, dolphin, tuna, and billfish.

Customers are the game fish in the ocean of today’s marketplace — difficult to find and even more difficult to net. bluefish provides bespoke communications services that will help you net your desired marketing and branding outcomes.

Marketing communications like deep-sea fishing is both art and science. A live bluefish is often hooked through the back near the tail, which makes it swim away from the fishing boat and downwards towards the game. Through a constant study and practice of the art of communications, bluefysh communications are hooked the right way to get you that bite, that you’ve been waiting for. We give you live hooked bait, for just that bite. Learn more about our services.