bluefysh digital, is named after the bluefish, a fast marine pelagic fish, often used as bait by deep-sea fishermen to catch sharks and other large game fish.

In the ocean of today’s marketplace, customers are often like sharks — difficult to find and even more difficult to net. bluefish provides bespoke communications services that will help you net your desired marketing and branding outcomes. We provide you the bait for that bite.

Our philosophy

At bluefysh we are driven by the b.l.u.e.f.y.s.h. tenets:

  • balance: in our perspective to life and work, the interplay and balance between a whole mind, spirit, and body, produce deep creative revitalisation
  • life-long learning: we are constantly researching markets, industries, and consumer behaviour, because in a constantly changing world the learning never stops
  • understanding: we take the time to understand our clients unique needs, in-depth
  • exhilaration: putting passion into everything we do, we are constantly pursuing the exhilaration that comes from timely and seamless delivery of a job excellently done
  • fairness: we aim to be fair in all our dealings, always operating with a win-win mindset
  • you: with our focus on you, our client, the ‘i’ in bluefish is now a ‘y’. Says it all, doesn’t it? We understand that you know your business best, and we exist only to help you get your message across
  • shark: we never forget that the reason for our existence is to help you get your shark — outcomes that matter. Our bait will always be designed for that bite
  • hope: in the end, we hope that all we do, contributes in some way towards creating a better world and a better tomorrow.